Frequently asked questions

We've made a smart tool that helps Social Media Managers (that's you if you blog, tweet or post anything, anywhere) find the right content ideas, for their unique audience, automatically. It saves you time and it boosts engagement. And that saves you money. We spent 4 years building it, so you could do all this in seconds.

Social Media managers spend (or should spend) a great deal of their time researching appropriate content for bespoke audiences. Be it to gather inspiration for their next tweet or to repost the breaking news that matters to their fans, having content to hand is critical to their success. Of course you can just Google it. However, we believe the best Social Media minds know that there's an intricate dance between mapping the personality, needs and values of an audience and finding the unexpected content that fits. It's all about producing posts, tweets and blogs with the highest possible engagement. That's what PostDiva does. It helps you see your audience in a neat and rapid way and then it provides content to match. Not just topics but content from everywhere, already scanned to be likely to engage. And then we help you form posts from it. For anywhere. In theory this gives each day back to the Social Media Manager. Anyone can use it of course. From your first few fans to millions engaging with your material. It's called Content Curation and we're really good at it. Oh... and we use lots of Artificial Intelligence + years of research to make it simple.
The persona of your brand is the personality, narrative and behavior that your brand exhibits online. It is traditionally composed of a series of traits such as introversion or agreeableness. PostDiva uses the most in-depth form of a brand and audience persona, the 51 trait personality, needs and values graph. In an ideal world, a brand manager must both understand the persona of their target market and the persona of their brand.
Large brands with a turnover of £50m+ often use focus groups or advanced data polling to learn about their audience. They then use a panel of sociologists and psychologists to study these results and the reflection of their brand voice in context. That approach is sound but extremely expensive and time consuming. PostDiva uses personality tracking technology from an opt-in panel and 20+ studies we have already completed to predict your brand and audience persona, simply by mixing certain attributes you already know (such as how wealthy your clients are likely to be). The end result is expected to be 95% accurate to your brand and takes only a few seconds to compile. We also conduct large scale studies for global brands when they require 99% accuracy.
Our company studied 50,000 people and 90m datasets gathered from Facebook over the course of 3+ years. We did so transparently and were careful not to capture anything which could identify an individual. For example, we have no user names, emails, IDs or even ages stored in our database. The studies are already complete and are the basis of our persona tool. We might add to them in the future. As a hobby we also track human happiness in 24 countries, ongoing.
Creating your own story, your own pitch, your own content is perfection. However, even if you don’t want to share news of an actual event or a thought-piece from elsewhere, you need the inspiration in order to fulfill your task as a social media manager. PostDiva gives you a stream of such inspiration and then helps you to form your own opinion and Post for your audience. Always matching the persona you’re aiming for. Most Big Brands keep a constant eye on emerging topics. We do it for you.
Pretty much anywhere. We have the basic social media share facilities built in. That means you can pop a Post on Facebook or a Tweet out in seconds. However, we also integrate with third party schedulers such as Buffer if you want a more streamlined system. PostMood is intended to be the heart of your brand online and ready to support everything else you use. At the end of the day, Facebook itself for example is the best place to track post success, rather than have us replicate that data. We might though, in the future. To use a basic Facebook share, simply login to your Facebook account (the one you have Pages on) and when you press to share content from PostDiva, Facebook gives you the chance to pop it on your own timeline, or a Page you manage. Simple as that. Why re-invent the wheel?
We designed it for ourselves. The firm was founded by social media engineers and directors. We’ve worked with the big brands for 20+ years and we know how to find, curate and manage content that will engage. It was important to use that PostDiva could be used by someone just starting out with a few hundred fans, as well as someone with millions. Both need exceptional content and a solid method to prove their voice and that of their audience. We priced it low because we can. In short, anyone who manages a brand or group or Page on Facebook or twitter or any leading social media platform, will find that PostDiva saves them time, increases their efficiency and helps them form stronger relationships with their audience.
No, you still have to decide which content from our many suggestions you want to share. It would be easy for us to create a fully automated Page tool but we don’t feel it’s in the best interests of the public nor the brands. Every social media manager has a special way of understanding the relationship between products, news and updates. Nobody can replace this art. We feel social media managers should always be involved in the process of actively managing social media. After all, our empathy is always going to outrank a computer and the possible mistakes of full automation represent a massive risk. Stay employed, use PostDiva.
PostDiva is one of several tools launching this year. They all belong to Oregon Technology, a very small British company based in the South West. The concept, product and firm are driven by Alex Sass, a social media engineer whose consultancy predates Facebook. The technology was created by Harry Spink and the design by a freelance team including Pat Scullion. We also have an office in the Canary Islands, mainly because it’s sunny there. Our investment came from a single individual who has been very patient indeed!
We’re launching at $22/month. This is paid after a 30-day free trial. Feel free to use in any country but the content is largely in English. Please contact us for bespoke studies. You can cancel whenever you want.